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The Lament of Icarus

In Greek Mythology, Icarus was the son of Daedalus, a master craftsman who was imprisoned on the Isle of Crete by King Minos. Daedalus fashioned wings for them to escape, but, according to the poet Ovid, he issued the following warning to his son: “Let me warn you, Icarus, to take the middle way, in […]

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Childhood & Adolescence

Coming from the infinite of the Divine Feminine, or the Implicate Order, children have no concept of the forms, parameters or limits of this physical world. It is incumbent upon the elders of society to steward youth from unlimited narcissism to a balanced and measured life. They must help contain the powerful feelings, emotions and […]

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Why Take the Journey?

You take the Journey because you have no other choice! As the poet Machado so eloquently states, there is no road – you create your road with every step you take. When you hear the Calling from your soul, you with either answer it or you won’t – but either way you will embark upon […]

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The Divine Feminine

We come into this world through the feminine, the Mother Earth, represented throughout the history of human mythology. For much of human prehistory, the guiding myth for humanity was centered in the notion of the Great Mother, from whom all life flowed, through which all life was interwoven and connected. We come from oneness, from […]

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Who is Dr. Corvalan?

Through the many journeys of his life, from his formative years, through his lifelong career as a doctor and healer, to his sweeping search for meaning and transcendence in life, Dr. Jaime G. Corvalan, MD, has energized innumerable individuals to live healthy, meaningful lives. Ask the doctor where he’s from and he’s happy to tell […]

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Sacred Space

There are points in our lives where we find ourselves in life-changing states, where the need arises for a “scared” space for us to carefully navigate the potentially rocky and treacherous path to a new level of consciousness. That’s the point where we need to transcend the world of the ordinary and enter into a sacred space. A sacred space need not […]

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