The Dr. Jaime G. Corvalan Foundation serves the disadvantaged and works to inspire individuals from all walks of life through the collected wisdom, experience and knowledge of Dr. Corvalan, MD FACS.

About the Portal of Consciousness

The Portal of Consciousness explores a universe of ideas and pursuits, including history, physics, mythology, Eastern and Western wisdom, mystical traditions, theology, political science, anthropology, great literature, architecture, art, music, the physical sciences, NLP, and draws from the greatest writers, thinkers, scientists, artists, theologists, musicians, philosophers, historians and pioneers to address the greatest questions humanity has ever undertaken.

To that end, the Portal of Consciousness was commissioned, wherein Dr. Corvalan has been able to put into digital form the accumulated knowledge and experience of his lifetime. The Portal allows one to follow the Doctor’s journeys into the exploration of consciousness, mythology, the search for meaning in life, the great questions of our lives (What is Death? What Does It Mean to Live a Good Life? And so many more), the development of consciousness and civilization, the hero’s journey, the transcendent and that which connects each of us to something much larger than our individual selves, healing the physical as well as the emotional and spiritual, and so many other epic and vital issues.

To that end, the Portal of Consciousness is a living, evolving website and will never truly be finished.

About Dr. Jaime G. Corvalan, MD, FACS

Jaime Corvalan has a long and distinguished career as an academic, an assistant professor, a medical doctor and an explorer of the human condition.

Dr. Corvalan, MD FACS, served as an assistant professor of Surgery / Urology, Assistant Chief and Chief of Staff of a number of hospitals and had a private Urological practice for many years.

In addition to contributing to several urological books and publications, Dr. Corvalan is the author of “Beyond Bedside Manner.”

This foundation represents Dr. Corvalan’s desire to share with humanity the fruits of his years of study and exploration of some of the greatest questions we’ve grappled with as a species. The doctor is a voracious reader and has interests as varied as this Portal of Consciousness.

This foundation and website are a part of the very heart and soul of Dr. Corvalan and his desire is for each of us to live our own journeys with heart, authenticity and purpose.


In addition to contributing to several urological books and publications, Dr. Corvalan is the author of “Beyond Bedside Manner.” In Beyond Bedside Manner, Dr. Corvalan discusses everything you need to know to optimize the body and to nurture the soul throughout the second half of your life. 

Click HERE to learn more about Dr. Corvalan’s book Beyond Bedside Manner


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