Welcome to the Portal of Consciousness, a resource from the Dr. Jaime G. Corvalan Foundation. In each portal, Dr. Corvalan shares the wisdom and inspiration he’s developed over a lifetime to inspire your journey.

The Portals

Exploring Consciousness and the Great Questions of Our Lives

Dream of the Cosmos

The Dream of the Cosmos is the story of a multi-layered quest to understand the causes of human suffering and to re-connect with a deeper

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The Creation of Duality

Unfolding from pure potential (Implicate Order) into physical being (Explicate Order) creates a new set of rules and apparent realities for us. We are seemingly

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Loyalty and Compassion

What are some of the Highest Spiritual Values? One of the most important messages in the story of Parzival (and particularly Richard Wagner’s Opera entitled,

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Dr. Jaime G. Corvalan Foundation

The Portal of Consciousness explores a universe of ideas and pursuits, including history, physics, mythology, Eastern and Western wisdom, mystical traditions, theology, political science, anthropology, great literature, architecture, art, music, the physical sciences, NLP, and draws from the greatest writers, thinkers, scientists, artists, theologists, musicians, philosophers, historians and pioneers to address the greatest questions humanity has ever undertaken.

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