In each of these portals, Dr. Jaime Corvalan shares the experience and wisdom he has developed throughout the course of his life. Please explore each of them as they relate to your own life.

Consciousness & Duality

This Portal explores the nature of reality, comprised of mirror opposites which create the duality of time and space, and delves into the concepts of consciousness, intention and awareness.

Hero’s Journey

This Portal focuses upon the first part of life – finding your way, discovering your passions and talents, conquering trials, encountering great falls, and living a life of meaning and significance.

Life’s Great Questions

This Portal asks some of life’s great questions, questions that humanity has asked since the beginning of time and offers some of the collective wisdom of the ages in response.

Return to the Sacred

This Portal focuses upon living a good life, taking “right action,” seeing the sacred in everything, being true to oneself and this world, and living a life of meaning and significance.

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