What is the Hero’s Journey Portal?

Exploring the Hero's Journey Portal and Finding Your Own Way in LifeThis portal was created as a gentle, thoughtful and heartfelt guide to help you complete your own journey. It doesn’t tell you what to do – no honest person can. Rather, it is designed to share with you what we’ve learned from thousands of years of humanity taking this heroic journey. The portal for the Hero’s Journey embarks upon the greatest journey of all – the journey of our souls to become whom we were born to be!

This guide will help you to see the stages of your own journey, to become aware of the pitfalls and obstacles you may face, and to help steady you along the trip when you may feel lost or uncertain.

This portal draws from ancient and honored mythological / heroic stories, poems, philosophers, scholars, religious traditions and scientific discoveries to question, learn and evolve. The Hero’s Journey portal doesn’t purport to have the answers about your specific journey – but it does seek to help you ask the right questions to move forward.

The Portals

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