The Purpose of Human Life

All life is informed and shaped by Transcendent Energy Consciousness
All life is informed and shaped by Transcendent Energy Consciousness

Dr. Jaime G. Corvalan, MD, FACS

Transcendent energy consciousness is what gives form and function to everything. This consciousness is in everything in our world of duality, because consciousness is what informs all things. For instance, a flower is the way it is because transcendent energy consciousness give it its form; everything, from bees and birds, to worms, bacteria, trees, rocks – everything we perceive around us is informed by consciousness. This happens in a non-dual way – that is, transcendent energy consciousness is beyond the world of time and space (which is what defines duality, or our reality). This consciousness is not dual, but it informs everything in duality.

All societies depend upon a central, living myth that gives its members a meaning for existence. Today, we face what Dr. Jung called a crisis of mythlessness. The traditional myths of Western society have value, they point to something beyond this world, but they are increasingly losing their capacity to provide us with a relevant meaning for our existence. Dr. Jung, like Krishnamurti, both indicated that religious myths are valuable not because they are literally true but because they have symbolic value (something that represents transcendent nature).

What we need is a universal, transcendent myth, one that is non-local and gives us purpose and meaning. Dr. Jung indicates that we are currently in about a 600 year process of developing a new myth, one in which humanity and the divine are co-creators of our existence. That is, humanity’s conscious knowing combined with the divine’s unconscious being is what structures reality. Both compliment and affect each other.

So, the purpose of human life is the structuring or unfolding of consciousness. Humanity is necessary for the completion and perfection of the creation of the divine, or transcendent energy consciousness. Every individual participates in the manifestation of consciousness, acting as a light in the dark of what otherwise would just be mere existence.


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