Your Own Path in a Beautiful Forest

The Calling is your Soul, beckoning to you to make your own path in life.

The Calling: The Adventure Begins

  • In The Beginning: Duality, The Feminine, David Bohn
  • Childhood / Adolescence: Stewarding, Icharus, Generative Elders
  • The Power of Myths: Campbell, Connection, Myths & the Psyche
  • Your Calling Chooses You: Your call to Greatness, King Arthur and the Holy Grail

The Journey: The Hero’s Quest

  • Campbell’s Hero Mythology
  • Parsifal and the Holy Grail: Loyalty and Compassion, Your Own Path, The Wasteland, The Grail King
  • Great Heroic Myths: Sigfried, Hercules, Alexander, etc.
  • Your Own Heroic Quest: Breaking free of the fear, aligning ego with the soul

The Fall: The Dark Night of the Soul

  • Crises in Life: Great Falls, Unchecked Egos
  • Dante’s Inferno: the Alienated Self, Death of Hubris and Ego, Is This All There is?
  • Dark Night of the Soul: Misery of Meaning, St. John of the Cross, the Myth of Sisyphus
  • Goethe’s Faust: Emptiness in Life, Connecting with and Embracingthe Shadow

The Return of Redemption

  • Return and Redemption: Living a Soul-Driven Life
  • The Three Metamorphoses: Nietzsche’s Parable about the Evolution of Consciousness
  • Mystery of the Coniunctio: Marriage of the Opposites, Gnosticism, Alchemy
  • Returning of the Boon: Having completed the part of the Soul’s Journey, the Hero returns with a gift of the world

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