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Aligning Soul and Ego

Individuation is the process of integrating the psyche – of becoming one’s true self.

• Symbolism of Alchemy
– The Psychological Symbolism of the Conunctio in Alchemy

• Wholeness and Gnosticism
– Self-Knowledge as Knowledge of the Divine, Gnostic Gospels, the Necessity of the Union of the Self

• What is Individuation?
– Jung’s Process of the Re-Unification of the Psyche, Integrating the Shadow

• The Authentic Self
– Aligning Soul and Ego allows you to live authentically

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Symbolism & Archetypes

Symbolism is the language of the soul, and archetypes are symbols of immense power.

• The Soul, Body and Spirit
– Subtle Matter, Aligning Soul and Body

• Concretizing the Symbolic
– Symbols point to the Transcendent, Dangers of Taking Symbols Literally

• Rituals, Symbols, Sacraments
– The Manifest to the Transcendent

• Jungian Archetypes
– A Priori, Innate, Universal Prototypes, Five Jungian Archetypes

• Learning the Language
– Listening to Your Soul by listening to your dreams, Active Imagination

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is a feature and function of time and space, it is how we know duality.

• What is Duality?
– The Dual Nature of Reality

• What is Consciousness?
– Definition, Spectrum of Consciousness, Duality Consciousness, Understanding Time and Space

• Soul, Body and Mind
– The Meaning of Soul, the Connection of Soul to Mind and Body

• What is the Unconscious?
– Jung’s Concept of the Unconscious, the Shadow and the Ego, Masculine and Feminine Energies