Sat-Cit-Ananda: Universal Consciousness

  • Being, Consciousness, Bliss: Attaining Oneness of and with the Brahman Ultimate Reality
  • Seeing Through the Veil: Maya, The Illusion of Duality, Real Awareness
  • A Quiet Mind: Stopping the Ripples on the Pond, Wholeness
  • Beingnessand Consciousness: Connecting with the Transcendent, Samadhi Meditation

The Four Noble Truths

  • First Nobel Truth: Life Means Suffering
  • Second Nobel Truth: The Origin of Suffering is Attachment
  • Third Nobel Truth: The Cessation of Suffering is Attainable
  • The Fourth Nobel Truth: The Eightfold Path to the Cessation of Suffering

Sacred Space: Connecting with the Divine

  • Hierophany: the Divine Manifested Through participation in ritual
  • The Transcendent Function: Uniting the Opposites within the Psyche to create a Unified Self
  • The Beatitudes: Love and Humility, Mercy, Spirituality, and Compassion
  • Generative People: Manifesting Love, Wisdom and Compassion and Care, Passing onto next Generation

Kundalini Yoga: Growing in Consciousness

  • Kundalini: the natural energy of the universal consciousness within and around us
  • The Chakras: symbols of energy centers which receive and express stages of consciousness
  • Transcendent Consciousness: The attainment of the oneness, wholeness with cosmic consciousness
  • Kundalini Yoga: Active and passive processes for the summoning the power and the presence of the Kundalini energies

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