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What is “The Calling?”

Your Own Path in a Beautiful Forest
The Calling is your Soul, beckoning to you to make your own path in life.

The Calling is a message from your soul; you are being called to make your own road. It is your first realization that you are here for something greater than yourself.

The Calling is your soul speaking to you, communicating your passion, your destiny, and giving you notice that the journey to discover your true life’s purpose is beginning.

Life is a spiritual journey, a soulful journey of finding meaning and awareness. Mythologist Joseph Campbell noted in his study of global mythologies that every culture has a hero myth that follows, more or less, the same pattern: The Calling, The Quest, The Fall, and The Return. We will explore each of these stages of the Hero’s Journey in this Portal.

The hero myth is really a metaphor for our own spiritual journey, from alienation to redemption.

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The Calling: The Myth of the Mother Goddess

In the Beginning, We Come from the Love of the Mother

The Mother Goddess Ishtar, Mesopotamia, Babylonian, circa 2000 B.C. Sculpture: Terra cotta Height: 5 3/8 in. (13.7 cm) The Phil Berg Collection (M.71.73.13) Art of the Ancient Near East
The Mother Goddess Ishtar, Mesopotamia, Babylonian, circa 2000 B.C.

We come into this world through the feminine, the Mother Earth, represented throughout the history of human mythology. We come from oneness, from love, the Mother Goddess representing the sacred and indivisible wholeness to which we ultimately must return.

The feminine energy, however, has been repressed in our culture; it is, however, an indispensable aspect of human consciousness. It must be brought back into consciousness and restored to full balance with the masculine if we are to achieve a harmonious balance between these two essential ways of experiencing life.