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Time is a Subtle Energy

“Vedic physics states that time is a subtle energy or force which is manifested before the cosmic manifestation. Time moves the unmanifest material energy and controls the movements in the universe. Without the manifestation of time, the unmanifest material energy cannot become active and take form. Only after the time fluctuations agitate the unmanifsted material energy does the cosmic manifestation begin!”

– Quote unknown

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The Crisis of Our Time is a Spiritual One

The crisis of our times is not only an ecological and political crisis but also a spiritual crisis. The answers we seek cannot come from the limited consciousness which currently rules the world, but could grow from a deeper understanding born of the union of mind and soul, helping us to see that all life is one, that each one of us participates in the life of a cosmic entity of immeasurable dimensions.

The urgent need for this psychic balance, this deeper intelligence and insight, this wholeness, could help us to recover a perspective on life that has been increasingly lost. We have come to live without it—without even noticing it has gone—not recognizing the existence of any dimension of reality beyond the parameters set by the human mind.

It is a dangerous time because it involves transforming entrenched belief systems and archaic survival habits of behavior that are rooted in fear and ignorance, as well as the greed and desire for power that are born of these. But it is also an immense opportunity for evolutionary advance, if only we can understand what is happening and why.

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Space and Time are Dimensions of Consciousness

Matter is derived from mind or consciousness, and not mind or consciousness from matter.
– Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation

We think the world we see around us is composed of matter–that the stuff of the world is, for the want of a better word, matter stuff. As far as the actual physical reality is concerned, this may be so–uncertain though we may be as to the ultimate nature of this matter stuff. But the world we see around us is not the physical world. The world we actually know is the world that takes form in our mind. And this world is not made of matter stuff, but mind stuff. Everything we know, perceive, and imagine, every color, sound, sensation, thought, and feeling, is a form that consciousness has taken on. As far as this world is concerned, everything is structured in consciousness.

Kant argued that this was even true of space and time. To us, the reality of space and time seems undeniable. They appear to be fundamental dimensions of the physical world, entirely independent of my or your consciousness. This, said Kant, is because we cannot see the world in any other way. The human mind is so constituted that it is forced to construct its experience within the framework of space and time.